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  • MTA CA (Music Teachers Association of California)
  • CM (Certificate of Merit)
  • Lifelong TEACHING Experience

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Discover OR Improve Your Musical Talent


LEARN to actually READ the sheet music and NOT just ‘where to place your hands’

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Instead of having to remember how their original song sounded, they can learn how to record or transcribe what masterpieces they’ve started on will be a sure bet that they can remember what they’ve made progress on and pick up where there left off!


-Learning to play an instrument will benefit all aspects of a persons life (educational, social, happiness & wellbeing)

-working with others (band/group/lesson setting)

-Keep your brain growing!!

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Experience COUNTS!

…a little bit ABOUT LINDSAY

Since her first memories of preschool and with her family, music has enriched Lindsay life. After a year of ‘generic’ piano lessons, at age 6, Lindsay began her ‘rigorous’ journey into the REAL study of reading/writing/performing classical music under her beloved Piano teacher, she herself being a graduate of the renowned Russian Conservatoire of Music.

Then, around middle school age (10 y/o) she got involved in a ‘fun’ weekly acoustic guitar rehearsal, consisting of 2 other classmates, preceded her weekly masses at her catholic grade school, in which she was part of the musical accompaniment. Since these childhood years, she took 2 full years worth of college music credits (in supplement to her main study of biological sciences) which resulted in a certificate marking her completion of their Piano Program.

The 5-6 years after college, because of a renewed interest in acoustic/electric Guitar, she acquired the experience of collaborating WITH other musicians (i.e. jamming’)… And in the last 4 years (mainly due to ACCESS of an acoustic piano) she has gotten back into a her well known rigorous and technical classical piano study/ low level performance, while e also maintaining an aspect of fun. She’s very serious about applying this mindset and outlook of music for her STUDENTS as well!


Years of Music Experience


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Music Programs

Benefits of individual Musical Instruction far outweigH the struggle of SITTING ALONE IN ONES ROOM while trying to decipher the occasional ‘YouTube’ music tutoriaL…

The #1 reason for failure in ages 6-18 y/o is IF kids aren’t hearing themselves PROGRESS! this happens when there is not enough consistency in lessons, practicing at home, and/or music is not treated as important as say, finishing their math homework! Therefore, taking ongoing (preferably weekly) lessons on a regular basis WITH an Instructor is a positive commitment!

…So here’s some of the COUNTLESS reasons why parents (+ adults ) should consider IN-person instruction as the only ‘authentic’ means of understanding the wonderful world of music, and a sure way for a path to success;

  • A teacher will ensure a students’ gradual progression, adjusting the challenge as necessary to keep them from becoming too overwhelmed, but also feel a good challenge (not bored)
  • ENSURE the student will always be met with NEW material thats an appropriate LEVEL of challenge for there uniqueness.
  • Each lesson will have the appropriate mixture of new CHALLENGING material + review old, easier pieces that build the students confidence and spark joy, et leave enough time during lessons for new material that will challenge and excite students, as their memory will be fresh from a consistency of lessons. It will and avoid repetitive lessons ( ‘re-learning’ the same thing because they forgot since its been os long since they last met for al lesson or practiced) and which quickly leads to boredom/ frustrationensure the lesson will incorporate that ‘positive reinforcement’ to keep the drive going!
  • keeping a regular lesson schedule is a fool-proof way to safeguard constant progression. weren’t feeling ‘ up for practicing’ that week, their f set all still be held to the fire with a pre-commitment to a weekly hour of playing WITH their teacher!
  • % Success rate increases (less chance of ‘failure’ or ‘giving up’….)
  • Auditory Perceptivity;
  • Building that Auditory Perceptivity and Aural Awareness is CRITICAL for children who want to succeed in ALL ASPECTS of life!
  • learning how to keep the beat is very fine and technical
  • a live human standing there, listening to someone holding or playing an instrument is just hands down authentic! it is incredibly crucial for a student to hear a teacher providing REAL-TIME feedback. Feedback is what Learning Music requires ( constant feedback) …. And,
  • repetition, or better said, someone to ASSIGN that repetition!
  • It goes without saying that its crucial for students to have a study of music that borders the fine line between fun AND challenging.
  • Lastly, the lockdown is over, so in person lessons? Try it out for a month and see how things go….
    • No pressure!
  • ….if THAT didn’t persuade you, then check out this article;

Why Lindsay?

…An instructor like Lindsay WILL understand that each student is UNIQUE in their own way, and therefore will need to modify, adjust their recurring m music lessons accordingly. There is a FINE line between the appropriate level of encouragement/challenge VS. feeling pressured to perfect every last movement to move forward in their music understanding. Lindsay believes that these levels are not always the same for every student, and takes an empathetic, observant person like herself to figure out what the student really needs to keep their challenges met,

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