About Me

Since her first memories with parents and in preschool, music has enriched Lindsay life. After a year of ‘generic’ piano lessons, at age 6, Lindsay began her ‘rigorous’ journey into the REAL study of reading/writing/performing classical music under her beloved Piano teacher, she herself being a graduate of the renowned Russian Conservatoire of Music. Then, around middle school age (10 y/o) she got involved in a ‘fun’ weekly acoustic guitar rehearsal, consisting of 2 other classmates, preceded her weekly masses at her catholic grade school, in which she was part of the musical accompaniment. Since these childhood years, she took 2 full years worth of college music credits (in supplement to her main study of biological sciences) which resulted in a certificate marking her completion of their Piano Program. The 5-6 years after college, because of a renewed interest in acoustic/electric Guitar, she acquired the experience of collaborating WITH other musicians (i.e. jamming’)… And in the last 4 years (mainly due to ACCESS of an acoustic piano) she has gotten back into a her well known rigorous and technical classical piano study/ low level performance, while e also maintaining an aspect of fun. She’s very serious about applying this mindset and outlook of music for her STUDENTS as well!